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Facials at Total Beauty

Helen is a facial and beauty expert; An advocate of safe tanning and sun protection, and has appeared on TV and radio to help advise on the dangers of tanning and prevention techniques. If you are unsure on what your skin needs, Helen is one of the best in the business to advise.

Lifting Facial

1 Hour (Inc. mask) - £48

Course of 5 over 5 weeks - £225

Course of 10 over 5 weeks - £375

The lifting facial detoxes the skin and tightens slackened facial contours, helping to soften fine lines.

Deep Cleanse, Hydrate, Exfoliate and Electrical Galvanic/High Frequency with mask

1 & 1/4 Hour - £50

Suitable for all skin types, ages 15+.

Refreshing Booster Facial - £30

A thirty minute facial cleanse, exfoliation and mask application. An after work or lunchtime treat, or before wedding chill out. 

Microdermabrasion -

Maintenance or single one hour treatment with face mask £44

Course of three - £120

A fabulous facial to refine and rejuvenate, softens lines, helps old scarring and lessens the appearance of open pores. 

Aroma Comfort Facial - 1 Hour £44

Vegan friendly, a blissful hour of essential oil massage with a refreshing face mask and hand/arm massage.

Ultimate Anti-Ageing Facial - £80

An hour and forty five minutes of various techniques. To cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, re-balance, uplift and relax. Helen's signature facial.